WhatsApp rolling out New Verification Option for Android users

WhatsApp is rolling out a New Verification Option for users. Users will get a 6-digit code within WhatsApp with the new verification option. Recently it has rolled out the new Undo Delete for me feature to retrieve the deleted message for you by mistake.

Now it is releasing a new Verification option for users. Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s new Verification option. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Verification option.

WhatsApp rolling out New Verification Option

WhatsApp’s new verification option allows users to receive the 6-digit code within the app. Recently it introduced login approval the additional layer of security to the WhatsApp account. The new feature allows users to confirm if they want to move their WhatsApp account to a new or different device. The new login approval option is very useful in case they share their 6-digit code by accident.

WhatsApp New Verification Option, Image Credit: WABetaInfo

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Now it is releasing another feature for the verification screen that allows users to get the 6-digit code within the app. As you can see in the given image, a new verification option shows up within the verification sheet and it asks if the user wants to get the code on their main phone.

If this new feature is enabled in the user account then the 6-digit code will be delivered to the user’s main device. WhatsApp will ask you to enter this verification code on your new phone. It also suggests you don’t share the code with anyone. If you didn’t request for 6-digit code, you can safely ignore this.

The new verification option to get the 6-digit verification code within WhatsApp is releasing for some lucky beta testers. The new Verification option is available on the Android beta version If you want to use the new Verification option to get the 6-digit code when you move your account to a different device update your WhatsApp.

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