WhatsApp rolling out the new Message Yourself feature for Windows beta users

WhatsApp is rolling out the new Message Yourself for Windows users. Windows users are now able to message themself on WhatsApp. Recently it has rolled out the new Avatar feature to express yourself by creating digital expression within WhatsApp settings.

Now it is releasing a new Self messaging feature. Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s new self-messaging feature for Windows. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new message yourself feature for Windows beta users.

WhatsApp rolling out new message Yourself for Windows

WhatsApp is releasing a new ability to message Yourself that allows users to quickly open their personal chat to save their important messages and personal reminders. Users can message themself with the new self-messaging feature. Users can open a chat with their number on the same WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp new Message Yourself for Windows, Image Credit: WABetaInfo

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As you can see in the given image, the new feature lets users message themself to save their personal reminders and important messages. Users can open the chat with the same number on the same WhatsApp account and message themself.

When users send a message to chat with their own phone number the message will be delivered to all their linked devices. This is very useful for users so they can access their messages on all their linked devices.

To Message Yourself you have to select your phone number from your contact list to start a conversation with yourself. When you start self messaging then you will see the label “Message yourself” tagged on your phone number. Your name will also get the “You” suffix just next to your chat name as you see in the image.

The new Message Yourself feature is rolling out for Windows beta testers. The new Message Yourself feature is available on beta version 2.2248.2.0 updates available on the Microsoft store.

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