WhatsApp rolling out new Interface Loading your Chats

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Interface Loading your Chats. You can see the new screen when linking a companion device. Recently it has rolled out the new alert feature for Forward Media with a caption.

Now it is releasing the new interface Loading your chats. Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s new Loading your chats screen when linking a companion device. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Loading your chats interface.

WhatsApp new interface Loading your Chats

WhatsApp released the new Companion mode for some lucky Android beta testers in November. It is able to link an additional mobile device and tablet to an existing WhatsApp account With the Companion mode feature. It keeps working on improving the companion mode before a public and stable launch. Now it adds a new different screen when linking a companion device.

WhatsApp new Interface Loading your Chats, Image Credit: WABetaInfo

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As you can see in the given image, WhatsApp introduced a new screen that shows up when scanning a QR code. Users can see there was an alert that invited them to wait until the end of the process when they scan the QR Code in the Previous update. Now users will see a newly redesigned section that lets them understand when the process is done in this new update.

You can also see in the given image that the new section is very similar to the one we all see when we link our WhatsApp account to the Desktop which makes it easier for us to follow the progress.

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