WhatsApp data breach again: 500 million WhatsApp users Data put on Sale in 2022

WhatsApp users’ personal data has been breached again and put on sale. Nearly 500 million WhatsApp users’ phone numbers are put for sale on the hacking community Forum. Nearly 500 million WhatsApp users’ data from 84 countries are put on sale and available for purchase on the Forum.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s 500 million users data breach again. You have to read this post till the end to know more about WhatsApp’s 500 million users’ data leaked.

WhatsApp 500 million users Data on Sale

According to Cybernews reports, an Anonymous seller has advertised on the hacking community Forum that it is selling the data of 487 million users including their WhatsApp phone numbers as of the year 2022. Anonymous Seller said the database included the active WhatsApp users’ phone numbers from 84 countries.

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WhatsApp active users’ phone numbers are available for purchase from 84 different countries including the US, UK, Russia, Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and even India in the list. As per the Cybernews reports, the stolen database contains active WhatsApp phone numbers of over 32 million users from the US and over 11.5 million users from the UK.

Anonymous seller is selling the US user database for $7,000, the UK database for $2,500, and the German users’ database for $2,000. But it doesn’t reveal the price of other countries’ users’ data including India.

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