Clean and fix your phone Speaker using the Speaker Cleaner Remove water & fix the sound app

Speaker Cleaner sound app

It happens to all of us many times that our phone falls into the Water. When the water clog on your phone speaker then it won’t properly. Also, the sound of your phone speaker is muffled. You must want to clean your phone speaker and fix the sound. There is an app that helps you … Read more

Use the Raise high volume – Booster app the alternative of Volume Booster – Loud Speaker & Sound Booster

Raise high volume - Booster app

Increase your phone volume using the Raise high volume booster app and this is one of the best alternatives of Volume Booster – Loud Speaker & Sound Booster app. Recently the Government banned 54 apps including the Free Fire and volume booster app. Today I am explaining to you about the alternative of the Volume … Read more

Add the Custom Voice or sound based on battery status using Battery Sound Notification (Lite) app

Battery Sound Notification app

You must be setting the notification alert for your battery percentage. Also, you must be using the sound notification when your plugin the charger into your phone and disconnect from charging. The battery low notification sound also alerts you that your phone has remained low battery. The Default notification sounds are boring and you must … Read more

Auto on off your internet WiFi bluetooth Sound using Every Timer sound app

Every Timer WiFi bluetooth auto on off

You must be using your phone at night and sleep without turning off your phones internet and your 100% data used. You must want to turn off your internet data automatically when you sleep. Also, you must automatically turn on and off your phone apps and phone settings of your phone. Today I am explaining … Read more

Use Best 3D Sound Music Player EQ And Bass Booster

3D Sound Music Player

Here’s the Boom app is a 3D Sound Music Player. After using the headphone and listening to 3D music using a booming app you will just lose somewhere, it’s really to enjoy after listening to the 3D music player. Boom redefines how your songs sound with its outstanding features that are designed to work on … Read more