Snapchat introducing the new Post Story for Week for Plus users

Snapchat Plus new Post Story for Week

Snapchat is introducing the new Custom Story Expiration for Plus subscribers. Snapchat Plus premier subscribers can now post a Snapchat Story for up to a Week. They can control when their stories expire with the new Custom Story Expiration feature. The Plus users can set their Snapchat story to expire after one hour or expire … Read more

Snapchat Streaks restore: How to get Snapstreaks back using mobile phone, desktop |

Snapchat Streaks or Snapstreaks is a feature that makes users of the popular social media app Snapchat keep coming back every single day. Aimed at giving a sense of achievement, losing a Snapstreak can be upsetting since the daily streak is broken and also lowers the chance of gaining certain rewards in the form of … Read more

Everything you need to know about Snapchat plus +, its subscription feature

Snapchat Plus new Post Story for Week

Snapchat made a bid to boost its revenue just like WhatsApp business and Telegram. Snapchat + gives a vibe like an ephemeral messaging App. Its subscription allows to use all the special features along with new features. What is Snapchat Plus a Subscription feature? In the messaging App, Snapchat Plus, a premium version of Snapchat, … Read more

Snapchat working on the new Snapchat plus a paid subscription service

Snapchat Plus new Post Story for Week

Snapchat is introducing its new premium package. This paid subscription service is going to be called Snapchat plus. This has now become a convention that adding plus is giving new wings to the old body. Of course, this will add extra charges. This has become a universally well-reciprocated strategy. What is the agenda of the … Read more

How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat for Android (Guide)

Snapchat on iOS recently received the Dark Mode feature. But still, the feature is not available for Android users as of now. Snapchat is a popular and unique multimedia messaging app which released back in 2011. And now over billions of users have tried the app on both iOS and Android. But it is missing … Read more