Scan the Documents and convert them to PDF using the Meta Scanner PDF Creator app

Meta Scanner PDF Creator

Scanning documents from the smartphone is very helpful for users. Users can easily scan documents and convert them to PDF anytime and anywhere. There are lots of phone scanners app on the Play Store. Meta Scanner PDF Creator is one of them. It is the best scanner app to scan anything like Books, ID Cards, … Read more

Barcode Scanner Play Pass app removed from the Google Play Store after turning Malicious

Google removed Barcode scanner

Google has removed the Barcode Scanner from the Play Store. Barcode Scanner was one of the most popular barcode scanners. But after the update, this app turns malicious. Recently Google removed 163 apps from the Play Store which are malicious. Before this, it had removed Paytm, and before this 6 malware-infected apps. Now it has … Read more

Lock smartphone without fingerprint features using the Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app

Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app

At this time we all need to protect our phone to keep safe from another stranger. Before any smartphone using firstly you make sure your device lock or not? if your device isn’t locked right now. So, you have to secure first your handset. Thai main question is how we protect our smartphone? which lock … Read more