WhatsApp data breach again: 500 million WhatsApp users Data put on Sale in 2022

WhatsApp rolling out new Privacy and Avatar Settings

WhatsApp users’ personal data has been breached again and put on sale. Nearly 500 million WhatsApp users’ phone numbers are put for sale on the hacking community Forum. Nearly 500 million WhatsApp users’ data from 84 countries are put on sale and available for purchase on the Forum. Today I am explaining to you about … Read more

Put the apps on hibernate using the Greenify app and save the battery and use your phone smootly.

hibernate apps

You must be installed so many apps on your phone. When you install many apps then your phone started lagging and not work smoothly. Most of the apps you don’t use regularly but it takes your phone space and use your phone battery more. You must want to save your battery and want to put … Read more