Night Shift Pro v4.05.0 APK + MOD (Paid/Patched)

Night Shift Pro

This night filter gives you a multitude of positive benefits. This application helps you filter out the blue light and improve sleep and relieve headache syndrome. Besides, it also creates a barrier to protect your eyes by automatically adjusting the brightness and blue light. Blue Light Filter is an application that protects your eye health … Read more

Stick Nodes Pro v3.3.4 APK (PAID/Patched)

Stick Nodes Pro

Stick Nodes Pro – Stickfigure Animator is an excellent recommendation just for you if you’re struggling between countless animation design apps. This is considered the ideal environment for new mats on the path of animation. Besides, it possesses characteristics that are strong enough and outstanding for most veteran veterans. In parallel with the reasonably simple … Read more

FilePursuit Pro v2.0.39 APK (Full Paid/Patched)

FilePursuit Pro

If you are looking for a powerful search and storage tool, FilePursuit Pro is perfect for you. With this application, users can quickly search one of the millions of document files stored on the web. Every material from this app is updated daily by the unique robots, and all materials are recommended and searched on … Read more

WolframAlpha v1.4.19.2022041167 APK + MOD (PAID/Patched)


WolframAlpha is a smart answering machine designed by Stephen Wolfram to serve many different purposes, especially learning, and the application supports problem-solving with step-by-step instructions. You need to enter the question. The application will calculate and give accurate results in many fields such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, History, engineering, astronomy, geography from basic to advanced … Read more

528 Player Pro v41.43 APK (PAID/Patched)

528 Player Pro

Music is the wonderful gift of life. Every day, people spend many hours listening to music. A good song sometimes depends a lot on the sound quality. Therefore, improving the sound is very important to the relaxation that comes from music. 528Hz is an ideal audio frequency for listening to the best music. 528 Player … Read more

Video Speed Controller Pro v1.4.8 APK (PAID/Patched)

Video Speed Controller Pro

Coming to Video Speed ​​Controller Pro, users can experience a lot of new things that are very interesting and attractive. This application allows you to adjust the video speed freely, and users can fast forward or slow down the videos they are watching without being interrupted by anything. The application facilitates users to enjoy videos … Read more

Bass Guitar Tutor Pro v147 APK (PAID/Patched)

Bass Guitar Tutor Pro

Bass Guitar Tutor Pro – Learn To Play Bass teaches you how to play your favorite bass lines on your guitar. Without spending a lot of time or money on offline learning, you can learn the most effective and fastest scales of scales or chords with this application. Surely you can learn quickly and absorb … Read more