Use the Kid Mode On app and protect your children from unwanted app.

kids mode app

You must be giving the phone to your children. Children start playing games on your phone. Sometimes they delete your important file or use some other app that you don’t allow them to use. If you want that your children can use the only children-friendly app. Today I am explaining to you about the Kid … Read more

WhatsApp rollout the Web Dark Mode theme officially.

Web dark mode

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleague and other. The dark mode is available for the phone and people are waiting for the web. You must be waiting for the Dark mode theme on the WhatsApp web. Today I … Read more

Google launch the Dark Mode Theme for Docs, Sheets and Slides on Android.

Google docs dark mode

You must be using Google Docs, Sheets, and slides. When you use the Google Docs, sheets, and slides then you will find only White or daylight themes on it. You must want to use the dark mode on Google Docs, sheets, and slides. Today I am explaining to you about the Google Docs Dark mode … Read more

How to enable “private mode” of whatsApp in android phone?

WhatsApp private mode

Whatsapp instantly higher active user conversation messenger app. There have essential features that might be you know about it. Whatsapp has a large amount of information store in his database. We teach you how to activate private mode WhatsApp. Have your special friend and your conversation a secret between them at night as a work, … Read more

Google App Dark mode finally roll out, Know for which phone

Google App Dark mode

The dark mode is now available on the Google app and assessment. A lot of android apps have built-in dark mode theme now, and many of these also sync their dark theme with android 10 toggle. Starting today & fully rolling out this week, dark mode is now available for the Google App on Android … Read more

Dark Mode theme for WhatsApp Web: Get the Dark theme in WhatApp Web.

WhatsApp web dark theme

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp rollout the Dark Mode theme a few months ago. Dark Mode theme is available for Android, iPhone, and Beta versions. But what about the WhatsApp Web. All the users of the WhatsApp Web want the Dark Mode feature on the Web. They have the curiosity to … Read more

Best way to enhance your gaming experiance with Gaming Mode app.

enhance gaming experience

You must be playing the PUBG, Free Fire, and any mobile games. While playing the game you must face so much trouble as WhatsApp calls, other apps use the internet, low RAM, etc. You must want to boost your RAM and enhance your gaming experience. You also want nobody to disturb you like phone calls … Read more

Facebook release the Dark Mode Theme in the iOS version.

Facebook Dark Theme in iOS

Facebook is also one of the most popular social media platforms to connect with friends around the whole world. In this time Facebook in the news because of its Dark Mode feature in iOS. This feature helps you to use Facebook in the night with comfort. This feature gives your eyes relaxation. When you turn … Read more

How to Enable Full Performance Mode on Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

How to enable high performance on Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 phones are the latest popular and top rated flagship phones with 108MP camera setup as the main feature. All three Galaxy S20 phones come with great specifications which makes the Galaxy S20 series popular in the market. It has all the features that every user wants on their phones like design, camera, … Read more

WhatsApp dark mode features finally roll out on android and iOS phone in 2020

WhatsApp dark mode features finally roll out on android and iOS phones. That was truly more potential dark mode features of WhatsApp users within a couple of years. After testing in WhatsApp dark mode features in both Android or iOS smartphones. The most trend public platform going to roll out the dark features in WhatsApp … Read more