WhatsApp working on the new Screen Lock feature for the Desktop beta

WhatsApp is working on a new feature Screen lock for Desktop users. The new screen lock feature adds an additional security measure to the app. Recently it has rolled out the new Forward Media with a Caption for the Desktop beta. Now it is to release the new screen lock feature for Desktop users. Today … Read more

Set the unique Time lock to secure your phone apps and personal photos using Ultra Lock – App Lock & Vault app

Ultra Lock Vault app

You must be adding the pattern, Pin, Fingerprint, Facelock, etc lock to secure your phone and apps. But you never use the new Timing lock to secure your phone apps using Ultra lock vault apps. You can also set the Battery percentage and Date lock, Minute and Date lock, etc types of locks. Also, you … Read more

Hide your personal photos, videos, and apps to secure them using the Dialer Lock – App Hider

Dialer Lock - App Hider

You must want to secure your personal photos and video that no one can them. If you keep these personal things in the phone gallery then anyone can see your private things if you give your phone to them. In the phone gallery, you can’t secure personal things. You have to use another option to hide … Read more

Lock smartphone without fingerprint features using the Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app

Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app

At this time we all need to protect our phone to keep safe from another stranger. Before any smartphone using firstly you make sure your device lock or not? if your device isn’t locked right now. So, you have to secure first your handset. Thai main question is how we protect our smartphone? which lock … Read more

Set the Gesture lock to Secure your phone using the Gesture Lock Screen app

Gesture lock screen app

You must be locking your phone by fingerprint, Pattern lock, Pin lock, Face lock, etc. Also, you must be using the voice recognition lock screen to lock and secure your phone. A secure phone is really important. You can lock and secure your phone using the very unique type lock. There is a very unique … Read more

Set the real time password lock using the Screen Lock Time Password

Screen Lock Time Password

You must be using the fingerprint, password, pattern lock, etc to secure your phone. You also tried voice lock and face lock to secure your phone that no one can access your phone and use or see your personal data. But you never used this type of lock on your phone to secure your phone. … Read more

Set the unlock and Lock sensor hand lock to your phone using the Wave app.

set sensor lock feature

Many times it happens that you need to unlock and lock your phone. But your hand is dirty or busy with some work. Also during the time of eating you have to unlock and lock. If you touch your phone with that hand then your phone will be dirty. Today I am explaining to you … Read more

Set the unique lock screen on your phone using cigarette & smoke Lock Screen app.

set unique lock screen

You must be setting the lock screen on your phone. But your lock screen is too old and it does not look so unique. You have only the old type lock screen. Sometimes you want to set the unique types of locks to your phone. But you don’t have the idea to set the unique … Read more

Secure your incoming call using the incoming call lock so that nobody can pickup your calls.

Secure your Incoming Call

You must be calling to your friends, colleague and other contact of your phone. Sometimes it happens that your are not able to pick up your phone calls. Someone picks up your phone call and you want to secure from it. It means you want to secure your incoming call that nobody can pick up … Read more

How to protect your phone privacy from theft by lock pattern, PIN

You must want to secure your phone app and your phone. You must try so many apps to secure your app and phone. Today I am explaining to you the best app to secure your app with more than five types of lock for your phone and app. Read this post till the end to … Read more