English Thesaurus for Android

For those of you who are interested in learning English, this awesome mobile app of English Thesaurus will provide great features for enhancing your vocabulary. Intro Having a thesaurus available along with the fully-featured dictionary is necessary for English learners to master the words and improve their experiences with the languages. By fully understanding all … Read more

Mentorist MOD APK 5.7.2 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

Reading books can be quite time consuming and difficult, so you might want to make uses of this awesome app of Mentorist to improve your daily reading experiences. Intro If you ever find yourself reading a book, it’s definitely not a quick thing that you can just finish after an hour. Usually, a book would … Read more

Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading MOD APK 3.85.1 (Subscribed) for Android

For parents and educators, this amazing mobile app of Epic: Kids’ Books is definitely something that you don’t want to miss when trying to educate your kids. Intro Teaching your kids can be quite frustrating, since they’re at an age when they just can’t sit still for studying. So instead of forcing them into boring … Read more

HelloChinese MOD APK 6.1.9 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

If you’re having troubles getting started with your Chinese lessons, then this awesome mobile app of HelloChinese. Intro For those of you who are interested in learning a new language, then Chinese is definitely one of your best bets. Not only does the new language guarantee new career opportunities, but Chinese culture is also quite … Read more

English Vocabulary MOD APK 4.1.4 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

For those of you who are interested in learning the new language of English, you can now make uses of English Vocabulary to improve your many skills. Intro If you’re having trouble improving your English vocabulary, then this amazing mobile app of English Vocabulary will be handy. By featuring the most effective learning method of … Read more

Brilliant MOD APK 7.8.0 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

For those of you who are having trouble learning math and applying their mathematical thinking in sciences and computer sciences, you will most likely benefit from this awesome mobile app of Brilliant, which offers the perfect learning and studying platform for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Simply enter the app and you can immediately … Read more

Translate On Screen MOD APK 1.111 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

The acts of memorizing texts and inputting them on a certain translation platform to know their exact meaning can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re working with physical documents that can be simply copied and pasted to the translation menu. Not to mention that not all text content on your display can be copied, so … Read more

Babbel MOD APK 20.67.0 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Learning a new language is properly the best thing that you can do during your free time. It’s not the hours and hours of playing games or mindlessly browsing the Internet will have positive effects on your mindsets and mood. Instead, by spending as little as a few minutes a day to learn a little … Read more

Step By Step Salah – Namaz MOD APK 5.4 (Ad-Free) for Android

It’s not easy to become a truly dedicated Muslim, since you must first have a strong belief in your faiths. And at the same time, it’s really important for Islamic followers to learn everything they need to know about their religions and being able to practice their beliefs with proper instructions. Hence, many of you … Read more

Mango Languages MOD APK 7.6.0 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

For language learners, it’s really important that you can get the most suitable learning experiences for your selected languages and personal preferences. Knowing this, the expert linguists at Mango Languages have created this amazing mobile application for learning new languages, in which Android users can easily choose whichever languages that they wish to learn and … Read more