WhatsApp data breach again: 500 million WhatsApp users Data put on Sale in 2022

WhatsApp rolling out new Privacy and Avatar Settings

WhatsApp users’ personal data has been breached again and put on sale. Nearly 500 million WhatsApp users’ phone numbers are put for sale on the hacking community Forum. Nearly 500 million WhatsApp users’ data from 84 countries are put on sale and available for purchase on the Forum. Today I am explaining to you about … Read more

WhatsApp allows chat history migration between iOS and Android to transfer chat data

WhatsApp working on new pending participants

WhatsApp allows users to transfer their chat from iOS to Android. Now users can migrate their chat history and content between two platforms. You must be using it to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. It is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Recently it has rolled out the new Friends … Read more

Battlegrounds Mobile India launched: How to transfer old data from PUBG Mobile India

how to Transfer old data to Battlegrounds Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India game has launched in India. It is the new rebrand of the PUBG Mobile India game. PUBG Mobile India fans can now play their favorite game. Users can download the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. After the game beta tester launch, users are thinking about that, can they transfer their old data from PUBG … Read more

Remove these 8 malicious apps from your phone to secure your phone and your data

Remove these 8 malicious apps

McAfee has found eight malicious apps. These apps have malicious code and it is harmful to Android users. You must be downloading so many android apps on your phone. Most of the apps are secure which you download from the Play Store. But sometimes some apps are really harmful to us. These malicious apps are … Read more

Google is closing its one service from 24 February, how can you take the Back your data right now

Google closing its one service

Google has been offering you a lot of its services. You must be using Google Service. But Google is closing its most popular service. Today I am explaining to you about Google closing its one service. Read this post till the end to know more about this. Google closing its one service Google said that … Read more

Manager your phone apps to secure your data using the App Permission Manager

App permission manager

Every phone has default apps and some apps you have installed which you have needs. When you start using the app then those apps ask you to grant permission to those apps. You have granted so many permission those apps like notification access, Draw over the apps, accessibilities, etc. But granting permission to all apps … Read more

Clear the WhatsApp data and free up your phone memory.

Clear the WhatsApp data

You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must send the media file while you are chatting with your friends, others, and in the group. Individual chat and group chat consume your phone space. You must want … Read more

Monitor your phone data usage using the Data Counter Widget app.

Data Usage Monitor

In the internet world, everyone uses the internet continuously. When you use mobile data or WiFi data then your phone uses your more internet data. You must want to count your data or monitor your data. You must want to monitor or count your data to manage your data of mobile personal internet data or … Read more

Change your DNS server of your phone Data & WiFi using DNS Changer.

dns changer

You must be using the internet on your phone. Every phone has a (DNS) Domain Name Server is the internet’s equivalent of the phone book. Sometimes your phone didn’t connect to the server and difficult to browse the website ever your phone has fast internet. It helps you to stable your DNS server and browse … Read more

Remove these 52 Chinese apps from your phone it may be harmful for your and your personal data

Remove these chinese apps

You must be using so many apps on your phone mostly apps are from china. Also, you know very well the current situation between India and China disputes. Due to this, the Indian Intelligent Agency explains to the Indian Government about the 52 apps which have directly or indirectly connected from china. This agency recommends … Read more