Scan the Documents and convert them to PDF using the Meta Scanner PDF Creator app

Meta Scanner PDF Creator

Scanning documents from the smartphone is very helpful for users. Users can easily scan documents and convert them to PDF anytime and anywhere. There are lots of phone scanners app on the Play Store. Meta Scanner PDF Creator is one of them. It is the best scanner app to scan anything like Books, ID Cards, … Read more

Set the Tunnel wallpaper using the Tunnel Live Wallpaper Creator app

Tunnel Live Wallpaper

The phone has the default wallpaper that not look so cool. Users use so many types of wallpaper to make their phone display cool and amazing. You must be using transparent wallpaper, 3D wallpaper, live wallpaper, etc. But you never use the tunnel wallpaper on your phone that gives your phone a very unique and … Read more

Instagram adds the option for video Creator to earn Money from it.

Earn money from Instagram

You must be using Instagram to post your Picture, unforgettable moment, and also your video on IGTV. But have you ever think that you can earn money from Instagram. Recently Instagram launched the ads option in IGTV for the video creator to earn money from Instagram. Today I am explaining to you to post the … Read more