Minecraft Cheats 2023: List of best Minecraft console commands and cheat codes you should know

Minecraft has been one of the most popular survival games for several years. The game can be incredibly challenging to defeat bosses or gather resources for an adventure. Fortunately, Minecraft has some cheats and console commands that can make your experience much easier. With Minecraft cheats, you can easily teleport across the map, gain experience, … Read more

Make a call with your Voice commands using the VoCaller – Voice Dialer app

VoCaller - Voice Dialer app

You must be making voice calls from your phone to your friends, colleagues, and others. You have to open the phone dialer app then enter the number or select the contact to make the call. But you can make calls using your phone power button with your voice commands. Today I am explaining to you … Read more

50+ ADB Fastboot Commands for Windows, Mac, and Linux

ADB Fastboot Commands

ADB & Fastboot commands are probably the most powerful commands for Android phones. ADB Fastboot commands are used to control and change anything on any Android phone. If you like customization and rooting, then you must have heard of ADB & Fastboot commands, and maybe you already performed some commands for modification purposes. But there … Read more