Lenovo Tab P11 5G with 2K Display and 7700mAh battery introduced in India

Lenovo Tab P11 5G

Lenovo has introduced the new Tab called Lenovo Tab P11 5G. Recently it has introduced the Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) which is the first 5G tablet in the premium segment by Lenovo. The new Tab P11 5G comes with the 2K Display, support for sub-5GHz 5G networks, a 7700mAh battery, and more. Today I … Read more

Optimize, clean Junk File, Battery Saver and Booster, and cool phone CPU using Phone Booster Plus: Optimize app

Phone Booster Plus app

You must be facing the Battery problem that your phone battery is getting low very fast. Also, you must be facing the phone overheating problem, storage problem, RAM problem. You can optimize, clean junk files and cool the CPU, and boost your battery backups using the best phone booster app. Today I am explaining to … Read more

Add the Custom Voice or sound based on battery status using Battery Sound Notification (Lite) app

Battery Sound Notification app

You must be setting the notification alert for your battery percentage. Also, you must be using the sound notification when your plugin the charger into your phone and disconnect from charging. The battery low notification sound also alerts you that your phone has remained low battery. The Default notification sounds are boring and you must … Read more

Set phone & battery feature showing wallpaper using Phone & Battery Info Live Wallpaper

Phone & Battery Info Wallpaper

All phone has the default wallpaper and you must be setting the wallpaper on your phone. Butt your default wallpaper is not look unique. You must want to set the unique and amazing wallpaper on your phone screen. You can set the phone and battery live info showing wallpaper on your phone screen. Today I … Read more

Optimize, customize and save your phone battery using the BatteryGuru app.

Optimize and save battery

Your phone battery will get low very fast while you are using your phone. You must want to save you to optimize, customize, and save your battery. Today I am explaining to you about the optimize, customize, and save your battery life. Read this post till the end to know more about this. BatteryGuru. BatteryGuru … Read more

Set the Battery Percentage floating on your phone screen using the Floating Battery percentage%

Battery Percentage floating

You must be playing the game watching the movies etc. When you watch the movies, play the game, etc on the full screen then you are not able to see the battery percentage. You must want to see the battery percentage anywhere on your screen. Today I am explaining to you about the Battery Percentage … Read more

Put the apps on hibernate using the Greenify app and save the battery and use your phone smootly.

hibernate apps

You must be installed so many apps on your phone. When you install many apps then your phone started lagging and not work smoothly. Most of the apps you don’t use regularly but it takes your phone space and use your phone battery more. You must want to save your battery and want to put … Read more

Optimize your phone Battery and Fast charge your phone using the Fast Charging app

Fast Charge phone battery

Your phone battery must be getting low very fast. When you plug in your phone charger to charge your phone battery. It will charge your phone very slowly. You must want to fast charge your phone. But your phone is not a fast charge. Today I am explaining to you about the Fast charging of … Read more

Battery Repair Life PRO App optimize and enhance your phone Battery life

Enhance your phone Battery life

You must be using your phone regularly and you notice that your phone battery getting low very fast. Your phone battery life is no longer that means your battery has issues. You want to fix and enhance battery life. Today I am explaining to you the best app which helps you to optimize and enhance … Read more

Fast Charge your phone Battery with the Super Fast Charging app.

fast charging battery

You must Charge your phone when your phone battery is getting low or discharge. Your phone takes so much time to a full charge of your phone. You must want to fast charge your phone. And also you want to monitor & optimize the battery of your phone. Today I am explaining to you the … Read more