Cast and see your phone screen activity on your TV using the Cast to TV & Screen Mirroring app

Cast to TV & Screen Mirroring

You must want to share your phone screen with your TV to see the activity of your phone on the big screen. But you don’t know how to cast or replicate your phone to your TV. You can easily mirror your phone screen or cast your phone on your TV. Users can easily cast or … Read more

How to track/monitor online activity of Family member.

Do you want to know the activity of your children? Do you want to keep the eye on his online activity? You have the curiosity to know your children in reading or using the phone during the examination. In Simple work, You want to track/monitor the online activity of your family member. Today I am … Read more

How to monitor [online activity of WhatsApp] and Facebook

monitor [online activity of WhatsApp]

Do you want to keep an eye on your children? and monitor the online activity of WhatsApp someone. Or any specific person who is important to you. Nowadays what they do on WhatsApp and how much time they spend on WhatsApp. During the examination, they don’t want too far from mobile, anyway he convenient you … Read more