Private Screenshots v1.17.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Certain messaging programs can recognize screenshots that you have taken during discussions. They alert the other person you are conversing with to the fact that you have saved a snapshot of the conversation. You are now able to store screenshots in a completely secure manner. This app is incompatible with protected applications such as Netflix, Chrome incognito, Tor Browser, secret Telegram chat, banking apps, etc. You will receive a dark screen or merely an error.

Every file is tucked away in a secret directory. The application does not send notifications when a new screenshot is taken. Other applications do not have direct access to the screenshots. You are the only one who can view them, share them, or remove them. The ‘presentation’ mode is activated on your smartphone when you use the app and records everything displayed on the screen. It shows a button that may be dragged across the screen to save the currently displayed image to a file.

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