Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.270 APK (Full Patched)

Network Monitor Mini Pro will be an application that can help its users brilliantly use their mobile phones. For today’s smartphones, a network connection is essential to be able to use Internet access jobs with the ability to search for information effectively. A network connection will also be necessary for you to access and use the full features of intelligent applications on your phone. And to be able to check the efficiency that your device is using when connecting to networks like WiFi / 4G / 5G, this will be a leading support application. This application can help users check the network speed their device uses directly on a corner of the screen in real time.

This application was created to help its users monitor the network speed of upload and download per second for their devices. At the same time, users can also customize the network speed meter icon that always appears in any corner of the screen depending on preferences, wishes, and usage habits. And to increase personalization customization, users can also set the indicator in any color they love along with its transparency level. If you choose the Pro version to use your device, you will also be able to adjust the Kilo value depending on your personal use. Not only that, but users will ultimately be able to easily change the decimal place from the application’s point of view.

One of the locations that many users choose to be able to display their score for this application is right on the apparent status bar. In addition, the application will also allow its users to hide readings when there is no traffic to optimize their network utilization. The indicator can also be intelligently hidden to maximize your space usage for specific cases when you are launching and using applications on your screen. And one of the unique features that the application can help its users with is the normalization of VPN / proxy/loopback traffic. You will also be able to use the experimental traffic analysis mode and submit comments to the manufacturer for full usability development.

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