File Manager v3.1.7 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

File Manager works completely differently from the device’s default manager, as it introduces many new features and tools to expand everyone’s usage experience. It also introduces many new exciting utilities for compatibility with a wide range of files of rare formats. Of course, users can personalize everything in the system to open up new possibilities in operability for managing all the content in the device.


The first advantage of File Manager is its user-friendly and sophisticated interface for anyone to master all the functions inside quickly. It also comes with many options in interface design to diversify everyone’s usage experience. Meanwhile, all the content is neatly organized into many separate categories, making everyone’s interaction faster and smoother.

File Manager File Manager


The application will automatically scan continuously in the background to always update the change in the phone’s capacity for the user. That information is displayed in full detail for each item, and users can customize the display to capture more changes more quickly. Meanwhile, every component or file has different levels of memory occupation, so it is convenient for users to find or detect large files.


Besides scanning for any changes in memory, File Manager automatically sorts all files into separate categories. Those categories will, in turn, be media, documents, audio, and the like, with extensive coverage to facilitate finding content or files later. Users can also drill down into the system and find anything dynamically through the built-in toolbar.

File Manager File Manager


Besides the wide variety of extensive categories, the application will integrate many more extensions to interact with files more quickly. In particular, the most prominent is the ability to instantly forward for users to check all the content in each file even if there is no compatible application to view them. Besides, many impressions for people to comfortably manage or work with files of unusual formats.


If the device has a lot of junk, then File Manager has a junk cleaner function with extensive customization for everyone to clean up any redundant files quickly. That feature will automatically filter out files that are rarely used or redundant format, but it will still show or ask the user if there are any important files before deleting them. Besides cleaning up files, it also frees up space for individual categories for better space consumption.

File Manager File Manager


The best thing about the application is the ability to synchronize with countless cloud folders on the internet, which expands more storage with just a few taps. Users can also add custom cloud storage and link and import compatible accounts to complete any synchronization. All user data is also safe during transfer, helping them store or optimize device memory perfectly instead of conventional methods.

File Manager is one of the versatile and reliable file managers thanks to its capabilities and preeminent features. Furthermore, the included support integrations are refined and user-friendly for everyone to have better discoveries or performance when their memory is always perfectly optimized.

  • Built-in customizable interface with excellent layout and designs for users has the best interaction while roaming or checking the device’s memory.
  • Auto-scan for new file changes or abnormalities in every file or category capacity while providing accurate information and the like.
  • Extensive junk cleaner with excellent performance while filters out the important items for users before permanently deleting the junk.
  • Multiple integrated extensions to expand users’ working capacity or interaction with various rare file formats or organize files easier.
  • Easily to link with other cloud storage with extraordinary protection during transferring files with perfect synchronizations.

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