Calculator Plus v6.4.6 APK + MOD (Paid/Pro Unlocked)

Calculator Plus provides many useful features to calculate various math operations from basic to complex easily. You’ll be able to access the app’s functionality easily and convert between different types of calculations. At the same time, the calculation results are saved inside the history, which you can conveniently manage and store the results you want.

Calculator Plus Calculator Plus


One of the notable features appearing in Calculator Plus is that you can easily calculate the tax amount using the features available in the application. It can be said that thanks to these available features, users can calculate tax-related calculations more accurately and conveniently than before. At the same time, you can also combine other features in the application to be able to check the results any time you want.


The second feature of Calculator Plus that should be mentioned is highlighting a calculation in the application’s calculation history. It can be said that re-checking the calculations many times will sometimes take place to ensure the correctness of the results. Therefore, highlighting accurate and important results is a logical and useful feature for users who will be used many times. Surely, these two features will be of great help to users.


The main feature that users use in Calculator Plus is to perform calculations accurately for the user. You need to enter the calculations you want, and of course, the results will appear after just a few seconds. At the same time, the application interface is designed to be completely clear and make it possible for users to accurately identify the results and have a comfortable experience when using it. In addition, with just a few taps, users can find some advanced calculations.

Calculator Plus Calculator Plus


In Calculator Plus, users will find many calculations from basic to advanced, and of course, it will help you in some cases. Although these advanced calculations are not very diverse, most of them are highly applicable and commonly used calculations. So you can rest assured when you encounter different math operations in your work, and the application also supports saving the results that interest you.


In some cases, the operations are long with many calculations in a row, and you will get tired of this. You can rest for a few minutes before resuming the calculation because the application saves the current calculation result until you resume your work. Also, you can use the app’s mnemonic feature to remember the results you’re interested in and will use.


One feature that any user will love and look forward to using is total which helps you calculate multiple results. There will inevitably be important data during the calculation, and eventually, they will be aggregated into a single result. So this will be a feature to help you calculate quickly and have a number to compare with the available results. You can certainly save some time using this feature.

Calculator Plus


It can be said that each time you calculate, the result of the calculation will be completely saved, and you can review it at any time. You can access the history catalog and use the new highlighting feature added to the app to get a complete view of the calculations. At the same time, you can decide to archive or delete it anytime you want to make room for other complex calculations. So this is a tool that you cannot ignore.

Users will use the application’s calculation feature to perform various math operations:

  • Users can rest assured in calculating long calculations from basic to complex continuously with the results can be saved.
  • Calculations can be stored inside history, and you decide to save or delete them to perform new calculations.
  • In the application history, you can make specific results stand out and check and compare the results conveniently.
  • The new version of the application has added a tax calculation feature, and users can use this feature to perform more precise calculations.
  • The summation of significant results can be solved with the grand-total feature when you are forced to get an exact result from these results.

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